Jelly Apps builds functional and beautiful Apps for growing businesses. What makes Jelly apps different?

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We don’t bake then desert. Many developers will create your app then leave you on your own. You’ll need to manage and maintain your own developer and hosting accounts, and if an operating system is updated you will need to seek out and pay a developer a lot to update your app. We host your app and automatically maintain your app’s functionality and compatibility. No worries!


We believe the marketing value of an app is the most important feature and goal of having one for growing businesses. Because we tailor business apps for this purpose we aren’t focusing on expensive app features and services. This in turn substantially lowers the cost to you. Look at  www.howmuchtomakeanapp.com to see how much the app you want will cost. Then compare that to our price packs below. Hope you’re sitting down when you compare them!


How does a beautiful yet simple app offer awesome marketing opportunity and business growth? Consider just 3 major reasons:


When it comes to peoples mobile devices only very few of all the apps they have on their device are used.  But if your business has an app, and you encourage customers to download it, then every time they scroll through their phone they see you.  That’s daily advertising! This in turn will hopefully increase word-of-mouth growth.


Prestige and professionalism comes with having your own business app – “If they have an app then they MUST a popular, forward-thinking and trusted business.”


An app affords businesses a unique and very effective marketing opportunity. Almost all information, offers and ease-of-contact that you’d like to provide your customers is a single tap away without having to remember your business name or type it into a search bar.



Simply Beautiful App Design

We believe so much in helping our customers and everyone else achieve beautiful App designs in the […]

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What our valuable customers say
about us

As small Day Hospital we wanted a clean, quick and easy to use, no frills app to assist our patients with their preparation process.  Jelly Apps was the perfect choice at the budget we had.  They were professional, friendly, patient and affordable.

Northside Endoscopy Services

Chio & Stag is a small home business restoring and selling retro furniture.  Jelly apps is in the process of creating an app for me and my experience so far has been delightful.  Having an app for past and potential customers would only be a dream without Jelly App’s.  I’m looking forward to where my finished app will take me!

Alyssa - Chio & Stag

I am so thankful for Tyrone from jelly apps in taking my app Concepts and turning them into a reality. His  clear and constant communication throughout the processes, from design to display on the AppStore was amazing. Tyrone took the time to listen to what I wanted, and  I had peace of mind throughout the whole journey knowing what was happening and when. Even now, I am regularly updated as to my apps’ activity. Tyrone’s  professional conduct is remarkable and second to none and I don’t hesitate in recommending his services.

Anita - Kids4Sign

Webgator is a leading digital marketing agency in Brisbane, and we were so happy with the simple app that Jelly Apps created for us. It is user-friendly, easy to update, and much more affordable than other app development services out there. We highly recommend them for any SMEs.

Carson - Webgator


We created Touch Design Studio so our customers, or anyone for that matter, can design their own business app.

Simply download Touch Design Studio, design your app pages, then send your completed creation to us. We will then build your App.





$2000 +GST
  • Beautiful Home Screen
  • Quick Contact Buttons
  • 1 Content Page
  • Links to Website
  • iPhone/iPad Compatible


$2,999 +GST
  • Everything in Basic +
  • 5 Content Pages
  • 1 Social Network Feed
  • Documents
  • High Quality Videos
  • Animated Content


4, 500 +GST
  • Everything in Standard +
  • More Feeds
  • Advanced Customisation
  • 1 Special Feature (extras charged at flat rate)
  • Extra Revisions 
  • Priority Support
  • Free SSL

*Prices do not include GST. This will be added to the invoice.

Monthly Hosting and Maintenance fees: $99.00 per month

Reports: $11.00 per report. Sales reports show how many of your App downloads there have been over a period of time. Reports are generated on request and can be specified for any period of time.