We believe so much in helping our customers and everyone else achieve beautiful App designs in the simplest fastest way that we have created an App which does just that!
It’s called Touch Design Studio and is available right now on the App Store. Download it, design your app, send your design to Jelly Apps and we’ll use it as the foundation to create your app for you.

Touch Design Studio is made up of individual studios that each have their own tools and purpose.

Cover Studio lets you quickly create app pages with background image, title, textbox and logo. You don’t need to use each of these features, but you can create several designs in no time.

Button Studio is where you can add buttons to your cover design to see what button shapes and layout best suit your design. Don’t want buttons? No problem, the buttons can be transformed into other elements like more text boxes.

Layer Studio lets you put up to 6 images together to make your own image composition. If you’ve worked with layers in image editing software before, you will find Layer Studio’s approach a breeze to master. If not, you will still find it a breeze to master!

Download Studio links you to reliable websites where you can download royalty free images to use in your creations. We realize you probably won’t have all the pictures you need to start designing so Download Studio is here for your convenience. Of course you can source your images from anywhere you like. Jelly Apps is not affiliated in any way with the websites featured in Touch Design Studio.