Version 1.1 – 15 March 2017

After the final design of an App is approved by you and all artwork and other assets for the App are provided to Jelly Apps by you, payment must be made in it’s entirety before commencement of work on the App begins.
Any changes and/or additions to an App after payment has been made may result in additional charges
In the event that after payment for the App has been made but before the App is submitted to the Apple App Store you wish to cancel the App, you will be refunded the paid amount less 30%+gst
After the App has been submitted to the Apple App Store no refunds will be made for any reason
You accept all responsibility for the content, services, claims and images in the App, including any negative or legal repercussions resulting from such
If at any time you request your App to be removed from the Apple App Store, Jelly Apps will do so free of charge as soon as is reasonably possible pending any technical delays out of our control
If your App has been removed it cannot be put back on the Apple App Store. A new App must be created at Jelly Apps advertised prices
Unless you request and have arranged otherwise, Apps will be submitted to the Apple App Store under the name Tyrone Sharein. This has the following implications:

  • Apps hosted by Jelly Apps will display ‘Tyrone Sharein’ on the Apple App Store as each App’s creator.
  • No e-commerce where funds are deposited into Jelly Apps bank accounts by Apple or 3rd parties will be implemented unless under special circumstances which are decided as such by Jelly Apps. Such avoided e-commerce includes in-App advertising, in-App purchases, App subscriptions, outright App purchases, and Apple Pay.

If for any reason our Apple Developer Account is closed, blocked, suspended or otherwise rendered inaccessible to us, at your request we will send you without charge all files of your App in our possession for you to arrange the return of your App to the App Store, if the request is made within 6 months. No refunds or reimbursements will be made.
Cancellation of an app or account includes the cancellation of any web pages hosted by Jelly Apps for that app and or account.

Jelly Apps reserves the right to:

  • Cancel at any time the development of an App without explanation, at which time Jelly Apps will repay in full any fee paid to us by you for our services for that App. If requested within 6 months of a cancellation, we will return to you all App content and images you own and supplied to us, and delete these from our systems. Neither party will request or impose the payment or reimbursement of any other past, present or future costs involved throughout the consultation, design, set up, or development stages of business dealings
  • Turn down any jobs and refuse services without explanation

By proceeding with an agreement with Jelly Apps for development of an App, you are acknowledging that you understand, agree with and accept all Terms and Conditions above.